"'Mech Arena Announcer" Ringtones / MP3's

"'Mech Arena Announcer" Ringtones / MP3's
I apologize that there are no "previews" of the sounds for now. The phrase spoken is listed for each clip. There are 50 individual clips that you can purchase individually for $.50 each (minimum purchase of two clips/$1 required)

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you can buy all 50 sound clips in a bundle for $20. Once your payment has been confirmed by PayPal, you should receive an email with links to download your files.

MMA - CLIP 1It's game time, Solaris Fans! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 2If you're gonna try to dodge, it's best to dodge OUT of the way. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 3BAM! It's 'game over'. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 4Ouch! That one's gotta hurt. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 5Ouch! That's gotta hurt! Looks like that's one more 'Mech for the trash heap. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 6There's the ejection pod. That's one less combatant on the field. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 7That salvo had their name on it. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 8A clean shot and another 'Mech is rubble. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 9BOOM! Heh, I wonder how the view is from the air? $0.50
MMA - CLIP 10The game is ON! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 11It. Is. Solaris time! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 12(Horn SFX) There's the signal, it's SHOWTIME! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 13Clean, precise and brutal. Now that was a hell of a shot, 'Mech fans! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 14Auto-cannons, PPC's, Lasers and Gauss rifles... THESE are a few of my favorite things. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 15Auto-cannons, PPC's, Lasers and Gauss rifles.. a standard shopping list for ANY decent 'Mechjock $0.50
MMA - CLIP 16This kid is the real deal and he's come back to teach these pilots how they do it in the field. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 17HO! I wouldn't wanna be in YOUR crosshairs. POW! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 18Man, I love this game! It has my favorite things: 'Mechs, big guns, and a whole LOT of explosions. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 19'Duncan' she says 'there's more to life than Solaris.' Frankly, it's like she speaks another language. I mean, the words make sense individually, but put them together and it's complete nonsense. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 20KaPOW! And boy, do we have a game! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 21Welcome to Solaris! Now let me show you the sky! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 22Ooooooh, what a mess! They're gonna need a pressure washer to clean THAT cockpit! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 23Oooooh! What a HIT! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 24When the reactor goes, that's a pretty good sign that you've taken too much damage. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 25That's it, folks! He blew his load all over the field. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 26KaPOW! Ha, ha! Now, THAT'S the way you do it! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 27Ooohhhh, THAT had to hurt! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 28Now that's gonna be a hefty repair bill. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 29Tiiiiiiime to mech some noise! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 30Not since the Ishiyama melee of '38, has one pilot crushed so many dreams. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 31Man, that is mediocre 'Mech action for you. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 32Wow! Shot's like THAT, make me wanna have your baby. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 33Oooooh! Nice shot! They went down faster than a Rasalhaguian street-walker. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 34BAM! And that's another mark on the kill-board! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 35I don't care if you like "Dakka-Dakka", "Pew-Pew" or "KaPOW!"... The best action, is 'MECH action! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 36Ha haaaa! Now that's some heavy metal, 'Mech action! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 37Get ready! For some heavy metal 'Mech action! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 38The 'Mechs are on the field, which means, it's game time! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 39Oooh! Looks like they have YOUR number! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 40BAM! THAT salvo had their name on it! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 41Heavy metal carnage! Ha, haaa! What could be better? $0.50
MMA - CLIP 42KaPOW! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 43BAM! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 44BOOM! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 45In this arena, all it takes is a Flea, a couple of machineguns and some moxie to complete. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 46Sometimes during a match there's so much camping that it's like a "live fire" parking lot down there. But not THIS time! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 47Boom! Guess that pilot had one too many 'Dos Mechies' before the match! $0.50
MMA - CLIP 48It's no secret that I think most Clanners are 'special snowflakes' in person. But when they take the field, you better watch out. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 49Boom! Premature ejection! How embarrassing. $0.50
MMA - CLIP 50Clan tech IS powerful, but if you put it in the hands of a rookie, it's nothing more than a fancy hood ornament. $0.50
All 50 sound clipsAll 50 MP3 Sound Clips in a Zip file $20