The Duncan Fisher Minute - Episode One --

The Duncan Fisher Minute - Episode One --
"Episode One: Why I Do It"

This is the first in a series of short audio commentaries featuring the character, Duncan Fisher, the Solaris VII battlemech arena announcer from the videogame, "Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries" released by Microsoft and Cyberlore Studios in 2002.
Duncan is a former 'Mech jock who was a champion in the Medium-class battlemech Solaris competitions somewhere between 3040 and 3060. However, some believe his competitive career was cut short when he received a near-fatal injury that took him out of the arena permanently. There is some controversy surrounding that injury as it was rumored to have been a failed "hit" by a rival house, but Duncan has refused to discuss the incident.

Duncan image created by Dustin Baker.
Featuring Laura Shaw, aka B.B. Wolfe with additional VO.
This series is being written by David Martin, author and Battletech® enthusiast and features yours truly performing the character. . This podcast is produced by Voices In My Head Productions® and is based on characters created by Ferret Baudoin and myself, George Ledoux. This program is being done purely as a fan of the Battletech® universe and the community that surrounds it.

Time: 1:58