Arx Fatalis

Arx Fatalis
(PC, XBox - 2002)

Arx Fatalis, developed by Arkane Studios of France and published by Jowood Productions, is a first-person fantasy RPG (role-playing game) set in an underground world called Arx. Amidst the detailed medieval surroundings, you play a character named Am Shagar whose goal is to seek out and destroy the secret cult of Akbaa. Akbaa's followers meanwhile are determined to return their demon god to the physical plane and plunge Arx into devastation and ruin.

Of the characters I play, my favorite is Greu. Greu considers himself an artist, so despite being a 700 pound troll, he's a sensitive guy. I also play Polsius, a self-serving but humorous goblin. The game also uses my voice for several generic trolls and goblins as both races are quite plentiful in the world of Arx.

Finally, I use one of my spookier voices (with added effects) to play Gladivir, a rather disgruntled ghost who gets pretty annoyed when his honesty is questioned.

Just click the ">" button on the mini-player to listen or click the "download" link to download the clip to your computer.

Greu - An "artistic" Troll YOU tell him his art sucks...
Polsius - A "Good" Goblin Sniveling little weasel...
Gladivir - A Ghost Guardian of "The Shield of the Ancients"