Freedom Force (2002)

(PC 2002)

Developed by Irrational Games (System Shock 2) and published by Crave Entertainment, Freedom Force is an innovative tactical role-playing game for the PC. "Freedom Force" is also the name of the team of superheroes whose characters harken back to the 60's Silver Age of comics.

In this game, the roles George played were quite heroic. MinuteMan, leader of the Freedom Force, is a true-blue American patriot whose incredible strength is matched only by his intense dislike for Commies and crime. Fighting alongside MinuteMan is The Bullet, a former military jet pilot who has acquired super-speed. Also, Microwave, a deadly robot from the future re-programmed to fight the forces of Evil. Secondary roles include various Thugs and a Mafioso tough guy.
The MinuteMan
The Bullet
Mafioso villain
Thug villains