Freedom Force vs The Third Reich (2005)

Freedom Force vs The Third Reich (2005)
(PC, 2005)

In this game, the Freedom Force team must travel back in time to World War II to battle a new super villain named Blitzkrieg, the defender of the Reich. Our heroes encounter all-new villains, including Fortissimo and Red October, and new superheroes, such as Tombstone and BlackJack.

Characters played:

* (NEW!) Fortissimo: an Italian, Opera-singing villain
* (NEW!) Black Jack: a British, gadget-using hero
* (NEW!) Nazi Henchmen: (various nasty soldiers)
* MinuteMan: a super-strength patriotic hero
* Bullet: a hero with super speed
* Microwave: a super-powered android from the future
* Thug: (various thugs)

Black Jack
Nazi Henchman