Freedom Force vs The Third Reich (2005)

(PC, 2005)

In this game, the Freedom Force team must travel back in time to World War II to battle a new super villain named Blitzkrieg, the defender of the Reich. Our heroes encounter all-new villains, including Fortissimo and Red October, and new superheroes, such as Tombstone and BlackJack.

Characters played:

* (NEW!) Fortissimo: an Italian, Opera-singing villain
* (NEW!) Black Jack: a British, gadget-using hero
* (NEW!) Nazi Henchmen: (various nasty soldiers)
* MinuteMan: a super-strength patriotic hero
* Bullet: a hero with super speed
* Microwave: a super-powered android from the future
* Thug: (various thugs)

Black Jack
Nazi Henchman