Majesty (2000)

(PC, Mac & Linux - 2000)
This fantasy kingdom, created and developed by Cyberlore Studios, was the first of its kind in several ways. For the first time in a "Sim" type strategy game, the player did not have direct control over the game characters' actions.
It was also the first published game that prominently featured George as some of the many voices for this title, including the "Royal Advisor" who was based on the voice of Sir Sean Connery.
Characters played:
Royal Advisor
Vendral the two-headed dragon

This game was critically acclaimed for its innovative design. It was (and continues to be) very popular. The success of Majesty spawned an add-on disc, Majesty: The Northern Expansion. In 2001 these two separate discs were combined and released as Majesty: The Gold Edition, which continues to attract game players around the world with its unique and innovative game play.
The Barbarian
The Dwarf
The Monk
The Rogue
The Royal Adviser - Venn Fairweather
The Wizard
Vendral The Two-Headed Dragon